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The primary conference focussing on the use of science and best management practices for post-spill environmental monitoring and impact assessment in the marine and coastal environment. This event boasts an excellent programme of speakers with plenty of opportunity for debate and networking.

Speakers and delegates are drawn from across the private, public and academic sectors offering a unique and balanced mix to the day which ensures relevance to all key stakeholders. Oil and chemical spills remain a threat to the marine environment and its commercial resources, if your organisation has a role or interest in the science of post-spill monitoring, the response management or how the outputs can be used then this is the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest developments and engage with leaders in the field.

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The 4th Premiam Conference 
21st June 2018, Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum, London

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This year’s conference boasts an excellent programme of expert speakers contributing to the debate across three key sessions: ‘From Science to Decision-Making’, ‘Case Studies’, and ‘Future Premiam’. Speaking contributions come from across government, industry and academia including NOAA, Cefas, ITOPF, Environment Agency, IOPC Funds, JNCC, Cedre, Marine Scotland and leading universities. Also, plenty of opportunity for a lively debate and networking.
Marine spills are happening on an almost daily basis but, thankfully, most are small and have little impact. Nevertheless with increasing marine traffic and an ever more crowded use of our marine and coastal spaces there is an ongoing risk of more major spills with the potential for significant environmental and commercial impacts. Therefore, this conference aims to be the forum for key stakeholders to share experience, learn about the latest developments and debate the issues to ensure that our ability to deploy science and technology in an effective way following spills is enhanced and provides the evidence of impact and recovery that is required.

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