Marine Data Management workshops

03 October 2018, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

MEDIN are pleased to announce another series of their very popular and well-received workshops on marine data management, for the coming year. A series of free one-day workshops will take place throughout 2018 and 2019. These workshops are designed to help individuals and organisations make their marine data holdings discoverable and re-usable by future users. The first of these workshops are being held in London on 6th June 2018 and in Southampton on 3rd October 2018.

The workshops are modular, with a morning session on the MEDIN Discovery Metadata Standard and tools and an afternoon session on MEDIN Data Guidelines. MEDIN are happy for users to attend either the full day or just the morning or afternoon session, as best suits individual needs.

MEDIN aim to personalise each workshop, with the Guidelines to be covered varying between attendees, depending on their individual data requirements. One session may therefore cover Data Guidelines ranging from bathymetry to biodiversity and/or geophysics, depending on who attends. MEDIN will contact registered attendees in advance of the workshops to identify which guidelines suit their data.

For full information on the workshops, please go to

To register for a specific workshop, please note your preferred date below:

06 June 2018, The Crown Estate, London
03 October 2018, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
(Further dates will be publicised later in 2018)

Then, email Sean Gaffney, MEDIN to register.

MEDIN Website
MEDIN page on marine data standards

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