Thanks to Fiona Bowles:

There is the new Natural England report on generating more integrated biodiversity objectives which includes open freshwater habitats. It has some interesting facts about freshwater habitats, including 70% of river length is headwater stream and that 895 invertebrate species may be associated with running water, and identifies desirable management to restore naturalness to freshwater habitats. This link also connects to a number of detailed reports including one on Coastal habitats and freshwater habitats

The project was aimed at helping local Natural England staff apply the large amount of technical and operational guidance on individual habitat and species features in an integrated way. The report encourages clearer articulation of the ecological relationships between different habitat types and species in the landscape, using natural ecosystem function as a critical reference point but overlaying local practical constraints and opportunities to promote pragmatic outcomes that work best for biodiversity in the round. Click here to read the report and access appendices


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