Gove – Oxford Farming conference speech on reform of agricultural subsidy.

It is a long read but there is a clear series of statements on, “Paying for what we value” later on in the speech.

“The principal public good we will invest in is of course environmental enhancement.

In thinking about how better to support farmers in the work of environmental protection and enhancement it’s critical – as everyone in this room but not everyone outside appreciates – to recognise that there is no inherent tension between productive farming and care for the natural world. Quite the opposite.”

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Secretary of State Michael Gove sets out his vision on the future of our farming industry at the Oxford Farming Conference 2018


‘The age of acceleration

For anyone wondering what the focus of this year’s Oxford Farming Conference might be, it was The Archers provided an answer just before Christmas. Brian Aldridge asked his step-son, Adam, whether he might be attending the conference. Adam replied wearily. ‘I think I’ll give it a miss this year. It’s probably going to be all about Brexit. I get enough of that at home.’ I know how he feels.

I suspect everyone in this room knows how he feels. And, of course, I’ll say something in a moment about the specific opportunities and challenges for agriculture on leaving the European Union.

But if we’re going to make the most of those opportunities and overcome those challenges it’s critical that we recognise that there is much more that is changing in our world than our relationship with the EU.

As we saw in the presentation at the beginning of this session, the world’s population is growing at an unprecedented rate, with a worldwide migration from rural areas to cities and a growth in the global middle class which is driving demand for more, and better quality, food.’ Click here to read the rest of the speech

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