Overview – Points post the election – drivers for the environmental agenda

1. Michael Gove to be Environment Minister, probably not because he has any interest in environment but to bring him from the back benches where he might have made trouble. He will have his work cut out with the Defra on agriculture, fisheries & environment because of Brexit and because it is one of the smallest departments.

There has been chorus of horror by environmentalists at his appointment because of the anti-environment & climate change baggage he brings with him, some comments:

Caroline Lucas – Gove is ‘Uniquely unqualified

Guardian – ‘A fox in charge of the hen house’ lots of links with other comment

But Gove supports Paris and has already made this clear

Ed Davey – ex cabinet colleague on working with Gove … oh yes and Gove doesn’t like ‘experts’ 

2. Marine Fisheries – The London Convention   Promised in the Tory manifesto, and the basis of them winning many east coast (‘fishing’) SNP seats, this seems likely since Ruth Davidson leader of the Scottish Tories has already cut up rough on the DUP issue.

A report in the Times and other papers ‘Davidson draws her Brexit red line over fishing rights’ summarises this succinctly.

3. Tory Manifesto ‘torn up’ …. Reported to the Daily Mail (so it must be true!)

Anything contentious won’t get a look in …. ie fox hunting free vote.

The Queen’s Speech will be delayed and minimal, but the Brexit agenda is huge and so it is likely that the amount of domestic legislation is likely to be limited because of the lack of a clear majority and Parliamentary time.

4. Advisors go With the forced resignation of her two close aides Mrs May has been challenged to be more collaborative by her cabinet colleagues and has signalled that she understands this.  This approach might also have to be extended to other parties on Brexit points and there have been calls for a more inclusive approach by Michael Gove!

5. Labour If they can resist internal purges and re-unite the Parliamentary party, they could build on their performance in delivering a decent manifesto quicker than most of the other parties; Corbyn’s ready appetite for another election will focus Conservative minds.

Environment & Climate change

1. DUP are climate change deniers

2. The 25 years environment plan – in the Tory manifesto – could probably go ahead without legislation (The Agriculture and Fisheries 25 year plan was not in the manifesto and so will probably be dropped)

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