By 2030   At Unilever, we’re committed to doing our bit to tackle climate change, continuously finding sustainable solutions to make and sell our products. We’ve come a long way already, but we know there’s always more we can do. This is why we’re going one step further in our commitment to renewable energy. By 2030, we will use 100% clean energy in our operations.

Climate change is real and it’s happening as you read these words. Global temperatures have been rising for over a century, accelerating faster than ever before to become the highest our world has ever seen. This will end up affecting everyone, everywhere unless we come together, as people and businesses, to take action.

Unilever is joining citizens and organisations worldwide, in calling for ambitious action. We’re setting and announcing new targets that we hope will encourage others to do the same to enforce the message that the time for climate action is now! Our latest commitment of 100% clean energy by 2030 means using energy from renewable sources across our entire network of operations. We’ve already started this journey and had positive achievements along the way. In Europe and North America, 100% of electricity purchased by Unilever factories comes from renewable sources. By 2020, all our electricity purchased from the grid will be from renewable sources. Last year, Unilever Japan became the first Unilever business to switch to 100% renewable power for all their operations. All of the Unilever products we make in Japan will have a Green Power logo on the packaging so families can be sure they’re buying responsibly. This move to renewable power in Japan is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 3,600 tonnes every year.

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