DCLG: ‘New Coastal Revival Fund will help kick-start the revival of at-risk coastal heritage. A new £3 million fund will help kick-start the revival of at-risk coastal heritage that has potential to create opportunities for new businesses and jobs.  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-coastal-revival-fund-and-community-teams-to-bring-jobs-and-businesses-to-seaside-towns

The Coastal Revival Fund will support communities looking to unlock the economic potential of those hard-to-tackle buildings, facilities and amusements such as piers, lidos and proms.   It will boost local economies by tapping into the opportunities that the heritage economy offers to new businesses and existing firms keen to grow on the back of the revival of local coastal sites.

Grants will be used to get restoration projects underway by funding initial work that will be a catalyst that attracts additional financing from the private and charitable sectors. It will unlock the community good will that is a key driver in getting projects started.

Each Coastal Community Team will be awarded £10,000 to establish themselves and will receive advice and support from the Coastal Communities Alliance.  Communities will be able to bid for a share of the new heritage fund to tap into the potential local heritage has to benefit the surrounding economy and wider community.  The government is committed to supporting coastal communities through our £116 million Coastal Communities Fund which is funding 211 projects across the UK. The fund is creating almost 12,400 jobs and providing more than 6,000 training places and apprenticeships.


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