Water sector supply chain companies are being invited to share their experiences of working with UK utilities over the past 12 months with British Water.

The survey asks contractors, consultants and suppliers to rate their clients’ performance in 11 areas, including innovation, professionalism, contractual approach and communication.

The sector is facing increasing challenges – from climate change, population growth, increasing regulatory scrutiny and rising customer expectations. Radical change is needed if water companies are to deliver for customers and the environment and the survey is a way of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the utilities.

Dr Mar Batista, British Water’s head of programmes, commented:

“Our 2021 survey found that innovation and procurement were the lowest scoring area for the second year in a row – at a time when regulator Ofwat is encouraging water companies to find new ways of working to address key issues.”

“The low innovation scores over the last few years demonstrate there is an ongoing frustration, felt across the supply chain, regarding the uptake of innovation by water companies and their delivery partners.”

British Water’s annual survey was first launched in early 2003, in response to companies asking for feedback on how they were viewed by the industry supply chain, and how they were seen to compare with others. The survey seeks views of individuals working in the industry rather than their corporate position.

The survey will be open until 30 September 2022. Click here to take part in the online survey

For further information and the full story in WaterBriefing click here.

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