10 Vacancies at Marine Scotland

Do you want to play an important role enabling the sustainable development of offshore wind in Scotland in response to the climate emergency?

Marine Scotland Science is recruiting a number of posts to conduct research on the environmental impact of large scale offshore wind development in shelf seas.

In January 2022, Crown Estate Scotland announced the successful applicants to the ScotWind offshore wind leasing round, and a new phase of offshore wind farm development commenced in Scottish shelf waters. This will help Scotland meet its Net Zero targets and become carbon neutral by 2045.

Marine Scotland is responsible for identifying where the ScotWind projects will be located, administering the related offshore planning consents, and ensuring that projects are delivered in an environmentally sustainable manner. We need to grow our teams to support the sustainable delivery of ScotWind and Scotland’s offshore wind ambitions.

Marine Scotland Science is recruiting a number of posts to ensure our advice continues to be supported by the best available evidence and our research  addresses critical knowledge gaps. The roles will require working with teams across Marine Scotland, including our Licensing Operations, Planning, Policy and Strategy teams.

The currently available jobs are listed below. Please following the links for the full jobs descriptions and to apply from the Work for Scotland website:

Fish Telemetry Technician https://core-scottishgovernment.icims.com/jobs/3284/fish-telemetry-technician/job

Senior Marine Ornithologist https://core-scottishgovernment.icims.com/jobs/3267/senior-marine-ornithologist/job

Senior Scientific Advice Co-ordinator https://core-scottishgovernment.icims.com/jobs/3252/senior-scientific-advice-co-ordinator/job

Passive Acoustic Monitoring Technician https://core-scottishgovernment.icims.com/jobs/3251/passive-acoustic-monitoring-technician/job

Marine Ornithologist TWO POSTS https://core-scottishgovernment.icims.com/jobs/3244/marine-ornithologist-two-posts/job

Biophysical Ecological Modeller https://core-scottishgovernment.icims.com/jobs/3239/biophysical-ecological-modeller/job

Passive Acoustic Scientist https://core-scottishgovernment.icims.com/jobs/3238/passive-acoustic-scientist/job

Marine Bio-acoustician https://core-scottishgovernment.icims.com/jobs/3157/marine-bio-acoustician/job

Renewables Science Advice Leader https://core-scottishgovernment.icims.com/jobs/3015/renewables-science-advice-leader/job

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