MCS ‘We’ve launched a brand-new tool to help businesses source more sustainable seafood for their customers. The Good Fish Guide for Business is a new online portal that allows businesses, chefs, or anyone working in the seafood supply chain, to find out which fish or shellfish are the most environmentally responsible choice.

With 39% of people who buy seafood referencing ‘familiarity’ as an important consideration to buying seafood in a supermarket, chefs and businesses have a huge opportunity to introduce exciting sustainable seafood species to their consumers.

Businesses can now log into a portal and save their seafood, generating a chart outlining how environmentally responsible their sourcing is, based on the Good Fish Guide’s traffic light system.

This information can be downloaded for an easy-to-use snapshot of where businesses are in their journey to responsible sourcing, and help them to work on improvements with their suppliers.

The Guide also suggests Sustainable Alternatives, allowing chefs and businesses to see similar species that have better environmental credentials. Click here to read more and see the video & webinar on this & the Good Fish Guide.

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