There are a number of new documents on the Defra website relating to water and habitats – ponds, lakes, ditches etc., which seem to have been released to support the sustainable farming initiative.

Create ponds and lakes

Find out how land managers can create new clean freshwater ponds and lakes to benefit wildlife and improve the landscape.  Maintain and enhance ponds and lakes  Find out how land managers can keep ponds and lakes in good condition for wildlife

RE ‘These two highlighted below were released in June and have been updated. They are full of links and other details. There seem to be a few contradictions not least in creating lakes and ponds which shouldn’t be created to help alleviate flood risk apparently. I’d thought nature based solutions were being encouraged as were solutions that look for multiple benefits.

‘Do not create a wildlife pond or lake for:

  • irrigation
  • retaining flood water
  • intercepting drainage water or pollution
  • stocking fish
  • rearing or feeding game birds or wildfowl
  • boating or other water sports’

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