Two articles: Progress with Norway and UK putting a new proposal to EU with a 3 year phase in for new relationship has been welcomed by the NFFO (NFFO Response). Fishing Federations are clearly still cautious about the main EU negotiation – see this recent SFF letter.

UK and Norway sign historic fisheries agreement

Defra ‘The UK signs first fisheries agreement since leaving the EU and first as an independent coastal state.  The UK has today signed an historic fisheries agreement with Norway – the UK’s first since leaving the EU and first as an independent coastal state in 40 years.  The Fisheries Framework Agreement signed today by Environment Secretary George Eustice and Norwegian Fisheries Minister Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen will mean that the UK and Norway hold annual negotiations on the issues of access to waters and quotas.

It is a significant step forward as the UK prepares to leave the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy at the end of December. Leaving the EU means the UK is able to decide who can access its waters and on what terms, in the best interest of its marine environment and its seafood and fishing sectors.

The agreement demonstrates the shared will of the UK and Norway to cooperate as independent coastal states and seek effective and sustainable management of their fisheries. The treaty incorporates the same principles that the UK is currently seeking with the EU – a framework agreement which reflects the UK’s and Norway’s rights under international law.’ Click here to read more     NFFO Response

Guardian:Britain offers EU fishing concession as part of Brexit sweetener  – Three-year transition period for European fishing fleets among proposals in negotiating paper

Britain has offered a three-year transition period for European fishing fleets to allow them to prepare for the post-Brexit changes as part of an 11th-hour deal sweetener. The catches of EU fishermen would be “phased down” between 2021 and 2024 to offer time for European coastal communities to adapt to the changes. The lengthy transition period is contained in a new negotiating paper tabled before the current round of negotiations in Brussels between the teams led by the UK’s chief negotiator, David Frost, and his EU counterpart, Michel Barnier. Click here to read more

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