Correctly dispose of PPE to stop new wave of plastic pollution

As of today, in England, face coverings will be required by law while in shops and supermarkets. The rules vary across the UK alongside when using public transport. As more countries urge the public to use these while out and about, it’s important to highlight the need for them to be appropriately disposed of. It’s so important to remember that just like plastic bottles, coffee cups and ​wrappers, PPE items like masks and gloves are single-use plastics and can have a dangerous impact on marine life and the ocean. 

Catherine Gemmell,   MCS Scotland Conservation Officer

At this year’s Great British Beach Clean (running from 18 – 25 September) we’ll be asking volunteers to record the PPE they find on the UK’s beaches; as with all the data gathered at the Great British Beach Clean, we’ll be able to get a clearer picture of the extent of the issue of PPE litter and consider ways in which the potential damage to the environment and marine life can be limited. Click here to read more

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