Over the last few months there has been a torrent of reports and ideas for a greener and more sustainable outcome from the Covid pandemic. These ideas are important given the clear need for UK and Governments around the world to figure out how best they might invest in the future to rebuild economies. The first article sets out three highly relevant to the coastal and marine environment, hopefully the Chancellor is listening.  

Britain still failing on climate crisis, warn advisersClimate change Committee

CCC Committee urges that companies must meet green standards to qualify for Covid-19 corporate bailouts. Ministers are bracing themselves for a powerful new rebuke from the government’s own advisers over the nation’s inadequate response to the climate crisis. In its annual progress report, to be published on Thursday, the Committee on Climate Change will lambast continuing failures by the government to tackle the issues of overheating homes, flash floods, loss of biodiversity and the other threats posed as our planet continues to overheat dangerously.

Green groups call for new nature service to aid recovery in England  

‘National nature service’ needed for green recovery in England, groups say

Government must ‘seize the day’ to create jobs and tackle wildlife and climate crises

5 ways the ocean can contribute to a green post-COVID recovery – World Economic Forum

If deployed strategically, COVID-19 recovery funds could accelerate sustainable growth in many ocean industries such as mariculture, offshore wind and the seaweed sector – to name but a few. Targeted financial investments could ensure their regenerative growth and development, providing short-term gains with long-term pay-offs. Five key areas can enhance our knowledge of the ocean and move us closer to zero-carbon energy independence, increased food security, and a more sustainable future.

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