After the Floods: A Fish Rescue in Action!

Angling Trust     Ever wondered what happens when fish get stranded by floods and have to be rescued? John Cheyne found out for himself recently, as he joined Environment Agency staff on the River Severn to witness the important work they do, along with some surprising catches. 

It feels like we are lurching from one national emergency to the next at the moment, but while the majority of press attention is focussing on the spread of Coronavirus, there are dedicated professionals out there still coping with the aftermath of the recent floods. I think it’s really important that anglers understand exactly what work their fishing licence money funds, so I tagged along with the Environment Agency Fisheries Team based in Tewkesbury who cover Hereford, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire to see them in action protecting our fish stocks in a very direct way. Click here to read more.

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