River modelling, drainage design and SuDS courses with HR Wallingford – book now for March 2019 course dates

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  • River modelling and drainage design for flood risk assessment and management (26-27 March)
  • SuDS: standards, guidance and design tools (19 March)

Please see below for details or check our website at http://training.hrwallingford.com/.

River modelling and drainage design for flood risk assessment and management: reviewing with confidence

This course is ideal for those responsible for reviewing hydrological estimation and river modelling outputs as part of Flood Risk Assessments, and for evaluating and approving conceptual drainage designs and surface water management plans for new developments.

The aim of the course is to develop an understanding of both the technical fundamentals and the review and audit tasks required to ensure that:

  • Models used represent the correct hydrological and hydraulic processes;
  • Model inputs are appropriate and sufficiently accurate;
  • Model outputs look sensible and usable;
  • Errors are identified;
  • Uncertainties are evaluated and the potential impacts on flood risk are quantified; and
  • Modelling processes follow best practice guidance.

The surface water management aspects of the course cover (at a high level):

  • Current design criteria and best practice;
  • Greenfield and brownfield runoff estimation methods;
  • Storage volume estimation methods;
  • Infiltration and conveyance design approaches;
  • SuDS construction and management best practice.

The focus of the course is on generic model concepts, objectives and outputs and the course does not provide training in or reference to specific proprietary pieces of modelling software and associated parameters.

The delegate fee per person is £599.00 (excluding VAT).

SuDS: standards, guidance and design tools

This popular course focuses on giving a detailed understanding of surface water drainage planning and design to meet current standards and best practice guidance. The tutors of the course will share their knowledge and take attendees step by step through the basis and requirements of current criteria and methods for delivering compliant surface water management systems.

The course will provide an understanding of the inputs, outputs and parameters required in commonly used tools and models (including the uksuds.com tools) – and how to assess whether the right or sufficient information has been presented with drainage submissions. It is an ideal course for:

  • Developers and consultants – to understand what is required of drainage designs to secure LPA approval and the guidance and tools available to support the design process.
  • LPA SuDS approval officers – to understand how to evaluate drainage submissions in line with national standards and guidance.

However, it may also be of value to other SuDS practitioners, regulators and other environmental consultants.

The delegate fee per person is £299.00 (excluding VAT).

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