Introduction to Coastal & Marine GIS

30 Oct – 1 Nov 2018
29 – 31 Jan 2019, 30 Apr – 2 May 2019
16 – 18 July 2019, 22 – 24 October 2019

ABP Ocean Gate, Southampton

Delivered by ABPmer’s experienced GIS consultants and Geodata’s GIS trainers, this 3-day course uses case studies and hands-on activities to show how marine and coastal datasets can support decision-making.

Using ArcGIS v10.x, the course is structured around 11 modules that cover various GIS concepts and techniques.  As well as introducing marine data and GIS, the course considers common problems faced when mapping coastal and offshore environments.  There is also an opportunity to discuss with experts specific spatial data issues.

At the end of the course you will know and understand:

  • what GIS is, what spatial data is, raster and vector data models
  • the core tasks involved in GIS analysis including acquisition, storage, management, manipulation and presentation
  • the core functionality of ArcMap, ArcCatalog and the embedded ArcToolbox
  • how to import data and handle tables
  • georeferencing raster images
  • the creation and editing of spatial data
  • basic geoprocessing tasks
  • ModelBuilder basics

The course is validated under the Association for Geographic Information CPD scheme and the GIS Certification Institute GIS Professional (GISP) Award.

GeoData, University of Southampton, is a fully accredited RGS-IBG CPD Provider.

Fee £695 (no VAT)

Contact Nicola Dewey for more information 02380 711867

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