5 articles including petition on Walkers Crisps & BBC action

Industry is trying to stop Deposit Refund Schemes   Sue Kinsey  Marine Conservation Society
Despite growing public and political support for the introduction of a Deposit Refund System, or Deposit Return Scheme – DRS to you and me – for drinks containers across the UK, there has been a slow but steady drip feed of negative stories. Some are supposedly in support of DRS, but all advocate either restricting any system, or giving reasons why systems won’t work here or aren’t needed.  [They should visit Norway like the Minister]

Plastic pollution the new oil spills – images from the shores of the Dominican Republic are reminiscent of an oil spill washing ashore. Perhaps we need to start treating plastic pollution like oil pollution after all it come from the same original source – the oil companies.

Plastic bag sales drop by 86%  Defra has provided us with a timely reminder that financial and Government action works to stop the use of single use plastics … this only really begs the question of why it’s ambition to date has been so very low and it hasn’t done more to curb the use of single use plastics.

38 degrees are running a major petition aimed at Walkers crisps to get them to make packets which can be recycled. Almost 300K people have signed so far – a useful thing to do today.

The BBC is doing its bit to make people aware of the threats of plastics pollution and this website which provides a summary of many of its news items and programmes show the difference the media can make.

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