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Government and Ofwat pushing ahead with water efficiency

Aaron Burton: This post outlines what the 25yr Environment Plan has in store for water efficiency, and the common performance commitments for per capita consumption in the final Ofwat PR19 methodology. Following a joint workshop between the Leadership Group for Customer Participation and Water Efficiency and the Water Efficiency Strategy Steering Group in January, we outline the next steps Waterwise will be taking with government, water companies and a wider group of stakeholders. Read more in Aaron’s blog here. 

Whatever the structure of the sector, we need more water efficiency

Nicci Russel: This month Labour’s plans to bring the water industry back into the public sector hit the national news, after Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn made a speech to a conference discussing a document entitled ‘Alternative Models of Ownership’, and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell toured the TV and radio studios and briefed a front-page splash in The Observer. Other papers including The Express covered a report commissioned by water companies on the plans. Waterwise works with anyone and everyone, across the UK, to drive greater ambition in water efficiency, and Nicci’s blog post here considers how Labour’s proposed model could deliver this.

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