There seems to be a growing awareness that water quality is not improving despite the best intentions of everyone concerned. In this report DWI provide an analysis of the sources of failure in drinking water quality in 2016. Although I missed this in 2017 it provides a useful reference for those following these matters.

DWI ‘Summary of the Chief Inspector’s report for drinking water in England Drinking water 2016 is the annual publication of the Chief Inspector of Drinking Water for England and Wales. It is the 27t h report of the work of the Inspectorate and presents the summary information about drinking water quality for the calendar year of 2016. It is published as a series of four quarterly reports which cover public water supplies and one report which covers private water supplies. This report is a summary of public water supplies for England. Set out in this report are the key facts about the quality of the public water supplies in England, which is served by 27 water companies delivering supplies to 54,614,767 consumers. The area served by each water company is shown in Figure 2. There were no changes in the water supply arrangements in the region in 2016 compared to 2015. Click here to read more.

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