A Major New U.S. multiagency report affirms that climate change is getting worse. According to the Climate Science Special Report, “climate change is real. It’s caused by greenhouse-gas pollution released by human industrial activity. Its consequences can already be felt across every region and coastline of the United States—and, unless we stop emitting greenhouse gases soon, those consequences will almost certainly get worse.”

The findings come from a sweeping and more than 800-page examination of the evidence. The report was published Friday by four agencies of the U.S. government and academics from across the country.

Their conclusions form the first volume of the new National Climate Assessment, a report on the science and impacts of global warming that Congress requires agencies to complete every four years. A draft version of the second volume, on the human impacts of climate change, was also released Friday.

“This is the most comprehensive assessment of climate science currently available in the world, and it reaffirms what we’ve already known,” said Robert Kopp, one of the lead authors of the report and a professor of climate science at Rutgers University. “If we want to do something like stay under 2 degrees Celsius of warming, the window to do that is closing in the next couple decades.”

Follow the link to the full report.

The schizophrenic US approach to climate change has also been on display at the latest round of international talks in Bonn. Whilst the administration has sent sent representatives from energy companies to promote coal, natural gas and nuclear power.

A shadow delegation gathered in a nearly 27,000-square-foot inflatable tent adorned with American flags and red, white and blue signs proclaiming that states, cities and businesses are “still in” the Paris agreement, despite President Trump’s vow to leave it.

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